DBT type Automatic Grease lubrication Pumps

For use in multi-line and progressive lubrication systems

The high-pressure, multi-line pump can supply lubricant directly to lubrication points or can be used as a centralized lubrication pump in large-sized progressive systems. It can drive up to five elements, which are available in varying sizes for optimum adjustability. The pump’s drive and eccentric shaft design, high-efficiency worm gear, minimal number of parts and multi-range motor provide several advantages. DBT pumps are available with a three-phase flange mount and multi-range motor or with a free shaft end for use with other motors. Various gear ratios and reservoir sizes with or without level control are offered.




In PRG (Progressive Lubrication System), the distributor of each oil outlet constitutes an independent lubrication system. Under the control of the program controller, the grease can be delivered to each lubrication point in a timely and quantitative manner. If equipped with an oil level switch, a low oil level alarm can be realized. The motor protective cover can prevent dust and rain.The pump is widely used in engineering, transportation, mining, forging, steel, construction and other machinery.


Working principle

After the motor is decelerated by the worm gear,the eccentric wheel is continuously driven to rotate counterclockwise , and the eccentric wheel pushes the plunger to reciprocate to pump and pump grease . The rotation of the scraper plate can press the lubricant into the suction zone of the pump unit, and can efficiently discharge bubbles.

Rated working pressure: s 25Mpa (adjustable)

Lubrication pump rated displacement: single oil outlet 1.8m/min

Lubrication pump input power: 380V AC/50HZ

Motor power: 90W

Tank capacity: 15 liters

Operating temperature : -20'C --- +55C

Applicable medium:NL GI 000---2# grease, it is recommended to adjust the viscosity of the medium according to the change of temperature.


Product Parameter

Model DBT type
Reservoir capacity 2L/4L/6L/8L/15L   10L/15L(Metal tank)
Control type PLC/External time controller
Lubricant NLGI 000#-2#
Voltage 380V
Power 90W
Max.pressure 25Mpa
Discharge volume 1.4/1.8/3.5/4.6/6.4/11.5 ML/MIN
Outlet number 1-6
Temperature -35-80℃
Pressure gauge optional
Digital display without
Level switch optional
Oil inlets Quick Connector/Filler cap
Outlet thread M10*1 R1/4

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