Electrically operated lubrication pump

For use in multi-line and progressive lubrication systems
The high-pressure, multi-line pump can supply lubricant directly to lubrication points or can be used as a centralized lubrication pump in large-sized progressive systems. It can drive up to five elements, which are available in varying sizes for optimum adjustability. The pump’s drive and eccentric shaft design, high-efficiency worm gear, minimal number of parts and multi-range motor provide several advantages. P 205 pumps are available with a three-phase flange mount and multi-range motor or with a free shaft end for use with other motors. Various gear ratios and reservoir sizes with or without level control are offered.

Features and benefits

Durable, versatile and reliable pump series
Suitable for grease or oil
Designed for continual lubrication of machines and systems operating in harsh environments
Broad range of output options
Modular design and easy maintenance


Stationary machines with a high lubricant consumption
Turbines in hydro-electric power plants
Needling machines
Screens and crushers in quarries
Material handling equipment




Function principle electrically operated piston pump
Lubricant grease: up to NLGI 2
oil: viscosity 40–1500 mm2/s
Number of lubricant outlets 1 to 6
Metering quantity 0,08–4,20 cm³/min 0.005–0.256 in3/min
Ambient temperature –20 to +70 ° -4 to +158 °F
Connection main line G 1/4
Electrical connections 380–420 V AC/50 Hz,
440–480 V AC/60 Hz
500 V AC/50Hz
Protection class IP 55
Drive speed main shaft grease: < 25 min-1
oil: < 25 min-1
Operating pressure max. 350 bar 5075 psi
plastic 10 and 15 kg 22 and 33 lb
steel 2,4,6,8 and 15 kg 4.4,8.8,13.2,17.6 and 33lb
Dimensions depending on the model
min 530 × 390 × 500 mm 209 × 154 × 91 in
max 840 × 530 × 520 mm 331 × 209 × 205 in
Mounting position vertical
Options level switch
1)Valid for ρ=1 kg/dm³
The product can be configured using a configuration code. The order example shows one possible part number and its explanation.
DBT-M280-8XL-4K6-380 Pump DBT
AC flange gear motor
Gear ratio 280:1
8 liter plastic reservoir
For grease with low level control
4 pump elements K6
Single-range motor for nominal supply voltage,380 V/50 Hz
For more details please refer to the product catalogue.
Part number Description Metering quantity
cm3/stroke in3/stroke
600-26875-2 pump element K 5 0,11 0.0067
600-26876-2 pump element K 6 0,16 0.0098
600-26877-2 pump element K 7 0,23 0.014
655-28716-1 pump element K 8
303-19285-1 closing screw 1)
Part number Description
624-29056-1 pressure-relief valve, 350 bar, G 1/4 D 6 for tube ø 6 mm OD
624-29054-1 pressure-relief valve, 350 bar, G 1/4 D 8 for tube ø 8 mm OD
304-17571-1 filling connector G 1/4 female 2)
304-17574-1 filling connector G 1/2 female 2)
1)For outlet port instead of a pump element
2)Filling connector its for vacant outlet ports




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