FO Pressurized Quantitative Measuring Parts

The oil discharge is accurate, the metering part only discharges oil once in a fuel supply cycle, and the far, near, high, low, horizontal or vertical installation in the lubrication system has no effect on the displacement of the metering part, and the oil is forced to drain , The action is sensitive.

And two seals are used to prevent backflow of the discharged oil. The metering parts and the connecting body are of separate structure. According to the oil demand of each lubrication point, the corresponding metering parts can be selected arbitrarily, and they can be freely combined with the PV series connecting body, and can be used in series or parallel.

The oil outlet pipe diameter of the metering part is o4 and needs to be connected with the GN-4 oil pipe joint and the GB-4 double-cone ferrule.



Performance characteristics


The pressure oil output by the lubrication pump pushes the piston built into the metering part to act. When the oil pump stops working, the metering part is reset by the spring force, that is, the metering and storage of a fixed amount of oil is carried out.

Product Parameter

Inlet Thread Spec Outlet Thread /Outlet Pipe Dia Model Nominal Displacement Mark Operation Pressure Mpa and Respond Pressure (Mpa) L(MM)
M8x1 OR R1/8 M8X1,Φ4mm MO-3 0.03 3 Operation Pressure ≥1.2,      Respond Pressure  ≤0.5 44.5
MO-5 0.05 5
MO-10 0.1 10
MO-20 0.2 20 53.5
MO-30 0.3 30
MO-40 0.4 40
MO-50 0.5 50 65

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