FOS-R type Automatic Oil lubrication Pumps

The program controller controls the lubrication pump working cycle: running time and intermittent time.

Operating time: 1-9999s Clearance time: 1-9999min.

It is equipped with relief valve to prevent overload of lubrication pump working pressure.

It is equipped with current overload safety tube to ensure the safe operation of lubricating pump.

The motor is equipped with overheat protector to protect the safe operation of the motor.

Pressure switch can be set normally open (AC220V/1 A,DC24V/2A), monitoring the main oil pipeline break and pressure loss of the lubrication system (optional)

Can be set point switch, forced supply and delivery of oil agent, convenient debugging (optional)

Supporting metering parts: MO and other series.Matching distributor: PV series connector, RH,ZLFA,T86 series distributor.

Oil viscosity: 32-1300 CST




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