how to start a diesel water pump?

I. Overview of diesel engine water pumps
Diesel water pump refers to the diesel engine as the driving force, the pump group through the elastic coupling driven by the diesel engine, with advanced and reasonable structure, high efficiency, good cavitation performance, small vibration, low noise, smooth operation, reliable and easy to install and dismantle and other advantages.

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Here are the steps
1, first of all, the diesel pump import and export pipeline connection, the import pipeline joints must be sealed can not appear leakage phenomenon, need to can draw water from the diesel pump pump irrigation port to the pump body inside the irrigation water

2, open the diesel engine control box door to push up the two air switches inside to connect the battery power, and then close the control box door.

3, power switch key inserted into the power switch hole to the right to open the control system power.

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4, commonly used diesel pumps are manual mode start unless the case of connecting the utility power can be used in automatic mode, so first press the manual key button to enter the manual mode.

5, into the manual mode and then press the green start button, the diesel engine into operation mode, diesel pumps and vacuum auxiliary system to run together to achieve a negative pressure state can be out of the water, water out of the diesel engine according to the needs of the combination of the operating state of the export valve opening to make the entire diesel engine water pump unit to achieve the * operating state.

6, need to stop running the diesel water pump when you press the left side of the red stop button diesel water pump will idle slowly stop, so as to help protect the diesel engine is not damaged.

7, and then the power switch key to the left side of the rotary half circle to close the control system power, remove the power switch key.

8, the control box door to open the air switch and then reset the power.

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