What are the components of a progressive grease automatic lubrication system?

The progressive lubrication system is composed of electric butter pump, progressive distributor, link pipe joint, high-pressure resin tubing and electrical monitoring. The structure is that the lubricant (grease or oil) pumped out of the lubricating oil is dispersed to the various oil feed parts in a progressive manner through a progressive working distributor.
The grease is pumped through a lubrication pump, separated by a progressive distributor and finally transferred to the lubrication point. The grease is precisely separated by the distributor plunger. After one outlet of the distributor has oil discharged, its next outlet can produce oil. Easy to monitor.
What are the main features of progressive lubrication systems? It is suitable for small and medium-sized machinery that requires continuous lubrication. Progressive lubrication systems provide continuous lubrication as long as the lubrication pump is running. As soon as the pump stops, the piston of the progressive metering device stops at its current position. When the pump starts supplying lubricating oil again, the piston continues to work where it left off. Therefore, when only one lubrication point is blocked, the progressive circuit of one outlet of the pump stops. Depending on the metering device chosen, only visual or electrical monitoring can be performed on one outlet of the primary metering device or one outlet of the secondary metering device at one pump outlet.
The progressive lubrication system provides uniform lubrication of multiple lubrication areas. The distributor of progressive systems acts as a metering lubricant. The lubrication cycle is accurate, and the grease is accurately dosed, which can save grease. The system pressure is high and the grease range is wide. Compact structure, excellent performance, easy installation, easy inspection and maintenance. Lubrication of equipment parts, improve service life and reduce maintenance costs. With fault alarm function, the lubrication system is monitored throughout the process. The circulation indicator monitors the lubrication system line for flow failure, loss of pressure, blockage, seizure, etc. When using progressive lubrication systems, it should be noted that the main oil pipe must use copper pipe or high-pressure resin oil pipe.
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Post time: Nov-24-2022