What makes oil mist lubrication pumps different from other lubrication pumps?

The oil mist lubrication system is a key system of the whole gun drilling system, which plays the role of lubrication, cooling and chip removal during processing. The compressed air input into the system enters the oil drum cavity all the way, and the other way into the atomization device and the lubricating oil in the oil drum cavity is mixed and atomized to form an atomizer, pressurized compressed air, through the pipeline, the oil mist is transported to the cutting area of the drill, and the atomized lubricating oil absorbs the heat of the cutting zone, cools and lubricates the drill bit, and forces the chips to blow out of the working object.

Oil mist lubrication technology is the use of compressed air energy, the liquid lubricating oil atomized into 1um-3um small particles, suspended in the compressed air to form a mixture, under its own pressure energy, through the transmission pipeline, transported to each part of the need, to provide lubrication of a new lubrication method.

The working principle of the oil mist lubrication pump: when the oil mist is generated, the compressed air enters the valve body through the air intake, enters the nozzle cavity along the intake hole of the nozzle, and sprays out from the venturi tube into the atomization chamber, at this time, negative pressure is generated in the vacuum chamber, and the lubricating oil enters the vacuum chamber through the oil filter and the oil injection pipe, and then drops into the venturi tube, the oil droplets are broken into uneven oil particles by the air flow, and then enter the upper part of the oil reservoir from the mist venturing hole of the spray hood, and the large oil particles fall back to the oil in the lower part of the oil reservoir under the action of gravity. Only particles smaller than 3 μm remain in the gas to form an oil mist, which is transported with the compressed air through the pipeline to the lubrication point.

Compared with other lubrication methods, oil mist lubrication has many unique advantages: 1. Oil mist can be dispersed with compressed air to all friction parts that need lubrication. Good and uniform lubrication effect can be obtained; 2. The compressed air has a small specific heat and a high flow rate, which is easy to take away the heat generated by friction. 3. Greatly reduce the consumption of lubricating oil. 4. The structure of the thin oil circulating lubrication system is simple and lightweight, the floor space is small, the power consumption is low, the maintenance and management are convenient, the automatic control is easy to realize, and the cost is low; 5. Because the oil mist has a certain pressure, it can play a good sealing role and avoid the invasion of external impurities, moisture, etc. into the friction pair.

Oil mist lubrication pumps are mainly used in metallurgy, mining, heavy machinery, electric power, chemical industry, building materials, petroleum, ports, docks, papermaking, locks, green, military, machine tools, tunnel engineering and other enterprises or fields.

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Post time: Nov-23-2022