Pressure relief indicating volumetric quantitative ZLFG distributor




Also known as volumetric quantitative distributor, it is a pressure relief action type, that is, the pressure oil delivered by the lubrication pump pushes the piston in the metering part to store the oil in the chamber, and the indicator rod extends at the same time. When the system is unloaded, The piston forcibly presses the oil in the chamber to the lubrication point under the action of the spring, and at the same time the indicator rod retracts.

The system must work intermittently, and the supporting lubrication pump must have an unloading function. The lubrication pump only discharges oil once at each oil outlet during a working cycle, and the distance, close, high, low, horizontal or vertical installation of the metering parts has no effect on the displacement.

The metering is accurate, the action is sensitive, the oil drain is unobstructed, and the one-way valve can prevent the oil from returning.


Product Parameter

Number of
oil outlets
Use medium Rated working
pressure (Mpa)
Oil discharge specification code* Dimensions
1 2 3 4 5 6 L A
Oil discharge (mL/time)/print mark
ZLFG2-* 2 thin oil 1.0-2.0 0.1/10 0.2/20 0.3/30 0.4/40 0.5/50 0.6/60 39 49
ZLFG3-* 3 54 64
ZLFG4-* 4 72 82
ZLFG5-* 5 84 94
ZLFG2-*Z 2 Lithium grease
NLG10.00 or 000
2.5-4.0 0.1/10Z 0.2/20Z 0.3/30Z 0.4/40Z 0.5/50Z 0.6/60Z 39 49
ZLFG3-*Z 3 54 64
ZLFG4-*Z 4 72 82
ZLFG5-*Z 5 84 94

Precautions for selection

Indicates the oil discharge specification code. The oil discharge specification of each oil outlet in the standard ZLFG pressure relief quantitative distributor is the same. For example, the three oil outlets of ZL FG3-2 each discharge oil 0.20ml.

If the oil discharge amount of the oil outlet needs to be different, the oil discharge specification of each oil outlet should be indicated from left to right when ordering (shown: ZL FG3-456).

If it is a grease dispenser, add "Z" after the model number.

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