External controller with multifunctional automatic program

CK series program controller is an electronic control product specially designed by our company for various lubrication systems. It uses digital display to control the working cycle (running time and stop time) of the lubrication pump in a countdown manner, which can be adjusted according to actual needs.





It is equipped with the alarm display function of pressure and low oil level to monitor the interruption and pressure loss of the oil pipe of the lubrication system. It can also monitor the low oil level to prevent the lubrication pump from idling, saving energy and environmental protection.

Commonly used input voltages are 380VAC, 220VAC, 24VDC

Product Parameter

Model Code Input voltage Output voltage Load power Work pressure(Mpa) Alarm method
Boot up Downtime
CK-1 59201 220VAC 220VAC 60W 1~9999 (s) 1~9999 (min) Relay contacts,indicator lights
59202 1~9999
Relay contacts,indicator lights
CK-2 59203 24VAC 24VAC 60W 1~9999 (s) 1~9999 (min) Indicator lights

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