Components and principles of lubrication hand pumps

What is a lubricated hand pump?
Lubricating hand pump is a piston pump, which is a small lubrication pump operated by a manual lever handle to discharge grease. When the handle is pressed down, oil will be sucked into the piston cavity. It can be combined with the resistance distributor to form a centralized lubrication system, which is suitable for lubrication places with less stringent oil requirements and simple systems.
Manual oil pumps are widely used in daily life, and can be applied to punches, lathes, cutting machines, milling machines, etc. The operation is very simple, just pull the handle by hand, then push the plunger, and the oil in the cylinder will be discharged.

What parts does a manual lubrication pump consist of?
Manual lubrication pump is mainly composed of oil reservoir, plunger pump, check valve, oil filter and other main parts. Manual lubrication pumps are small, easy to install and easy to use. Equipped with a check device to prevent oil backflow.

How does a manual lubrication pump work?
When the oil pump starts to work, the high and low pressure plunger will hydraulic the oil into the high and low pressure check valve, and after passing through the high and low pressure check valve, the oil will enter the cylinder. At this time, the pressure will rise, and when the pressure rises to a certain point, the low-pressure oil will overflow from the low-pressure relief valve and flow back to the oil storage pipe. After the first step of the process, the high-pressure plunger will continue to work, and the pressure will gradually increase. After the pressure rises beyond the rated pressure, the high-pressure valve will automatically open, at this time the high-pressure oil will overflow from the high-pressure valve back to the oil storage pipe, in fact, in this process, the high-pressure valve also has a role is the safety valve, which plays a certain safety role. In the process of work, the working cylinder will do work, at this time the pressure will slowly decrease, then in order to maintain the pressure required for the work, it is necessary to shake the handle at any time until the end of the work. After the unloading of the oil pump is completed, the internal pressure needs to be reduced to zero. Then at this time, it is necessary to open the unloading valve to let the oil flow back into the oil storage pipe, and after completing this process, the unloading work is completed. Every process is inevitable.
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Post time: Dec-12-2022