The advantages of a two-line lubrication system

Double-line centralized lubrication system is a main way of centralized lubrication, double-line centralized lubrication system is mainly composed of lubrication pump, directional valve, pressure operation valve, double-line distributor, electric control box and two oil supply pipelines. In one working cycle, two main lines are alternately supplied with oil through the directional valve, so that the oil outlets on both sides of the two-line distributor can supply lubricating oil to the lubrication point. The pressure in the oil supply pipe reaches the required action pressure of the distributor, the distributor acts, and the distributor action completes and the pressure in the oil pipe continues to rise, when the pressure of the oil supply pipe is completed by the distributor, the system pressure rises to the reversing pressure of the reversing valve, and the reversing valve is reversed for secondary oil feeding.
Two-line centralized lubrication systems are commonly manual and electric. The manual lubrication pump is equipped with a manual directional valve, when the pressure of the oil supply line rises sharply, it is judged that the oil supply work of the system has been completed, and manual reversing is carried out. The electric type is a pressure signal issued by a terminal pressure control valve or a pressure switch, which is reversed by an electrically controlled directional valve.
The dual-line lubrication system is characterized by the fact that the oil output can be continuously adjusted as needed; System monitoring is more convenient; The number of lubrication points can be increased or decreased as needed; Blockage at one point does not affect the work of the entire system.
In a two-wire system, two main lines run alternately through variable frequency valves, switching back and forth. When the two main lines alternately pressurize and release pressure, a lubrication cycle is completed. The two-wire solution operates as a parallel system, with each diverter valve functionally independent of the other. The most striking feature is that in the event that one lubrication point is blocked, the rest of the lubrication points will not be affected and will continue to be lubricated normally.
Two-line lubrication is typically used in large machines with a large number of lubrication points and long distances. The system is widely used in heavy industrial machinery such as steel, metallurgy, mining, port machinery, power generation equipment, forging equipment and paper making machinery.
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Post time: Nov-23-2022