Pipe clamp for fixing tube of the lubrication system

Material: polypropylene nylon aluminium

Applications: Applied to metallurgical, petrochemical engineering machinery, ships and other machinery. In the hydraulic system, oil, water and gas are used as the medium to fix the pipeline.

Performance advantages: firm and durable, not easy to rust.

Note: The surface of pipe clamp can be galvanized and other surface treatments can be selected according to customer’s requirements.

The company can design, produce or use other materials and pipe diameters according to customer requirements.




Product Pictures Type Tube outdia Clamp pipe number
 2121 PCB-6-1 Φ6 1 tube
PCB-6-2 2 tube
PCB-6-3 3 tube
PCB-6-4 4 tube
PCB-8-1 Φ8 1 tube
PCB-8-2 2 tube
PCB-8-3 3 tube
PCB-8-4 4 tube
PCB-10-1 Φ10 1 tube
PCB-10-2 2 tube
PCB-10-3 3 tube
PCB-10-4 4 tube
PCB-12-1 Φ12 1 tube
PCB-12-2 2 tube
PCB-12-3 3 tube
PCB-12-4 4 tube
2121  PC-4-1 Φ4 1 tube
PC-4-2 2 tube
PC-4-3 3 tube
PC-4-4 4 tube
PC-6-1 Φ6 1 tube
PC-6-2 2 tube
PC-6-3 3 tube
PC-6-4 4 tube
PC-8-1 Φ8 1 tube
PC-10-1 Φ10 1 tube

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