FOS-D type Automatic Oil lubrication Pumps

The program controller controls the lubrication pump working cycle: running time and intermittent time.

Operating time: 1-9999s Clearance time: 1-9999min.

It is equipped with relief valve to prevent overload of lubrication pump working pressure.

It is equipped with current overload safety tube to ensure the safe operation of lubricating pump.

The motor is equipped with overheat protector to protect the safe operation of the motor.

Pressure switch can be set normally open (AC220V/1 A,DC24V/2A), monitoring the main oil pipeline break and pressure loss of the lubrication system (optional)

Can be set point switch, forced supply and delivery of oil agent, convenient debugging (optional) Supporting metering parts: DPC,DPV and other series.

Matching distributor: PV series connector, HT series distributor.

Oil viscosity: 32-1300cst




FOS-D type belongs to electric resistance lubrication pump, which is used in resistance lubrication system. It is a low-pressure lubrication system, which is divided into a periodic lubrication pump and a continuous lubrication pump. The former distributes the lubricating oil to each lubrication proportionally through a metering piece. Point, realize periodic lubrication, the latter is a continuous working lubrication pump, the lubricating oil is distributed to each lubrication point in proportion through the control part to realize continuous lubrication.

It is characterized by compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and the lubrication point's oil supply is controlled by metering parts or control parts, and the oil is supplied proportionally. The third is that it is more convenient to increase or decrease the lubrication point. Finally, the unique seal The design can effectively prevent leakage at the connection.




It is a lubrication pump that drives the piston to reciprocate and transport oil through the alternating electromagnetic force generated by the electromagnetic field. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, reliable performance, beautiful appearance, complete functions and high cost performance. It can replace electric piston pump and is suitable for centralized lubrication of small mechanical equipment with few lubrication points.


Product Parameter

Model   Flow 
Max injection
Oil Viscosity
Motor Tank (L) Weight
Votage power  (W) frequency(HZ)
FOS-R-2II Atomatic -Volumeteric 100 2 1-180 20-230 AC220 20 50/60 2 2.5
FOS-R-3II Atomatic -Volumeteric 3 3.5
FOS-R-9II Atomatic -Volumeteric 9 6.5
FOS-D-2II Atomatic -Resistance 2 2.5
FOS-D-3II Atomatic -Resistance 3 3.5
FOS-D-9II Atomatic -Resistance 9 6

Composition of automatic lubricating oil pump for CNC machine tools:

Equipped with a liquid level switch, a controller, and a jog switch. According to different systems, a pressure switch can also be configured. The controlled signal can also be directly connected to the user's host PLC. It can realize the monitoring of the oil level in the oil tank and the pressure of the oil delivery system and the setting of the lubrication cycle.

This product is widely used in various lubrication systems of machine tools, forging, textile, printing, plastics, rubber, construction, engineering, light industry and other mechanical equipment.


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