FOP-R type Automatic Oil lubrication Pumps

The lubrication pump is controlled by PLC of the host machine: operation time and intermittent time.

Maximum working time of lubrication pump ≤2min, Minimum intermittent time ≥2min

With relief valve, prevent the lubrication pump working pressure overload.

With current overload safety tube, ensure the lubrication pump work safely.

With low oil level alarm signal output.

The motor is equipped with overheat protector to protect the safe operation of the motor.

Can set the pressure switch normally open (AC220V/1A,DC24V/2A) monitoring main oil pipeline break and pressure loss of lubrication system (optional).

Can set point switch, forced oil supply, convenient debugging (optional).

Supporting measuring parts: MO and other series.

Matching distributor: PV series connector, RH,ZLFA,T86 series distributor.

Oil viscosity: 32-1300 CST




ITEMS Nominal capa city m/min nominal pressure Mpay tank capacity Oil level transmitter voltage V power W frequency Hz weight KGS
FOP-R-2I 100 2.0 2L DC24V/2A DC24 25 3
FOP-R-2II 100 2.0 2L DC24V/2A AC220 80 50/60 3
FOP-R-3I 100 2.0 3L DC24V/2A DC24 25 4
FOP-R-3II 100 2.0 3L DC24V/2A AC220 80 50/60 4
FOP-R-8I 100 2.0 8L DC24V/2A DC24 25 8
FOP-R-8II  100 2.0 8L DC24V/2A AC220 80 50/60 8
FOP-R-20I 100 2.0 20L DC24V/2A DC24V/2A 25 15
FOP-R-20II 100 2.0 20L DC24V/2A AC220 80 50/60 15



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