DBS-I type Automatic Grease lubrication Pumps

In Jianhe progressive centralized lubrication system, the DBS-I electric grease lubrication pump can carry up to 6 pump units at the same time, enabling 6 groups of distributors or pump units to work independently at the same time. The design of the pump unit and DBS-I series pump is sturdy and durable, and can work normally in the environment of -35°C to +75°C. The transparent and non-breakable oil tank allows the operator to see the remaining grease at a glance.

12VDC/24VDC/220VAC/380VAC series lubrication pumps can be equipped with a built-in programmable controller




Product Parameter

Model DBS-I
Reservoir capacity 4.5L/8L/15L
Control type PLC/Time Controller
Lubricant NLGI 000#-3#
Voltage 12V/24V/110V/220V/380V
Power 50W/80W
Max.pressure 25Mpa
Discharge volume 2/510ML/MIN
Outlet number 1-6
Temperature -35-80℃
Pressure gauge optional
Digital display optional
Level switch optional
Oil inlets Quick Connector
Outlet thread M10*1 R1/4

Performance Characteristics

● The DBS-l electric grease pump motor and electrical components adopt a fully sealed structure, which has the advantages of waterproof and dustproof, and the protection level reaches IP55.

● It is also equipped with a follower pressure plate, which has better sealing performance and can pump NLGI 3# grease. And the built-in oil level sensor is convenient to remind the user to replenish grease in time.

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